8 legendary cannabis strains with Canadian origins

Mar 6 2018, 8:30 am

If you walk around any major Canadian city, you’ll probably notice a “floral-fruity” smell in the air.

Yeah, that’s probably weed.

Canadian cannabis products are among the best in the world, and we’ve put together a list of few of the strains that have made Canadian weed famous around the world.

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The history of this particular indica strain dates back to the 1970s in Canada. Known also as UBC Chemo, it was allegedly developed in  its namesake university to help alleviate the side affects of chemotherapy. The medicinal effects of Chemo include the treatment of nausea, loss of appetite, pain, and lack of sleep. Strong and powerful, it can contain up to 29% of THC.

God Bud

A nice bud of the God’s Bud strain

God Bud is a powerful strain originally created by the BC seed company BC Bud Depot, and gives a euphoric and relaxing high. The flower is a mix of Hawaiian and Purple Skunk, and despite carrying Sativa genetics, is an Indica dominant strain. God Bud has won numerous awards, including the High Times Indica Cup in 2004. It can contain up to 27% THC at its best, and its common usage is for insomnia, depression, and loss of appetite.

Island Sweet Skunk

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Originally bred by Federation Seed Company on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the Island Sweet Skunk – AKA Sweet Island Skunk or ISS – is an energetic hybrid that carries a sweet flavour. Its genetics comes from the famous Skunk #1 strain and Sweet Skunk. With an 80% Sativa profile, this is an uplifting weed that can have as much as 19% THC and is said to make users laugh for hours. It can provide a good high for both newcomers and pot veterans alike.

Jean Guy

Bred in Quebéc, Jean Guy was allegedly made famous by the Montreal Compassion Club, but hit its highest popularity when it featured in the first ever marijuana ad in the New York Times. This strain is a Hybrid, being 90% Sativa and only 10% Indica – meaning that Jean Guy is perfect for daytime activities as it is an energizing and uplifting strain. It is not really recommended for those who suffer from anxiety because of its intense cerebral effect. The THC content can reach up to 25%.


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The breeders at the House of Great Gardener crossed the Skunk #1 with the Himalayan and created Rene, a strain named after cannabis activist Renee Boje. A Hybrid with an 80% Sativa profile, this is a stress-relieving weed that is commonly used to treat pain and inflammation, and carries THC levels ranging between 15% to 18%. Because of its moderate level of THC, it can be used at any time of the day.

Barbara Bud

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Another creation from the folks at House of the Great Gardener in BC, Barbara Bud is a Hybrid with Indica predominance. It is a cross between Shishkaberry and Afghani that can contain up to 19% a THC level. Because of its relative modest THC level, Barbara Bud is good for “newcomers” in the cannabis world, and for those with low tolerance. As an Indica, it is highly recommended for those who suffer from anxiety, panic, or paranoia.   


Nuken marijuana flower

A powerful Indica, with THC levels reaching up to 25%, Nuken is a Canadian strain that combines the genetics from Shishkaberry and God Bud. It is said to have a heavy head high and a light-relaxed body buzz.

Blue Dynamite

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This particular strain was part of the High Times Top 10 strains of the year in 2007. Bred by Next Generation Seed Company in Canada, Blue Dynamite is an Indica dominant cannabis that is a cross between Avalon and Dynamite. The average level of THC found in the Blue Dynamite is 14%, with its highest at 18%.

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