Benn and Seguin Childishly Disrespect Sedins on Dallas Radio

Dec 19 2017, 9:57 pm

Daniel and Henrik Sedin are no strangers to being disrespected. They have been disrespected their whole careers.

They have been called ‘sisters’. They have been called a lot of things. Early in their careers, they were ridiculed by some of their own fans.

But not once have the Sedins gotten rattled by this, demanded a trade or sulked. Instead, they have persevered. They have won scoring titles. They have become leaders. They have become two of the best players in franchise history.

You would think two of the classiest, most durable star players of the last ten years would get league-wide respect. You would think wrong.


In an interview on Dallas radio yesterday, the Stars’ Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin gave us a glimpse into the ridiculous nature of how some people still view the Sedins.

Listen below (courtesy of TSN 1040):

Here’s the transcript:

Host: I bet you the Sedins room together


Seguin: “well yeah, that’s the Sedins”

Benn: “who knows what else they do together”

Host: “And in no way am I implying that you have a Sedin-type vibe going about you but ok.”


Other Host: “Don’t they shave the exact same…”

Host: “Dude, it’s creepy. In fact, it’s a good example to future brothers in the NHL on how not to do things. In my opinion. That’s just something uhh..”

Other Host: “Are they weird?”

Benn: “ah i dunno.. they look funny, they look weird”

The end of the clip is clearly edited, but Seguin is reported to have said: “They’re odd as shit” (courtesy Jason Botchford of the Province).

Look, I’m not going to cry about this. Henrik Sedin isn’t either:

I’m not going to get into the issue of morality/homophobia/bullying that some have and I know that these are two guys are on a radio show trying to play along, while being egged-on to a degree by the hosts.

I’m sure the Sedins hear a lot worse on the ice.

But the public disrespect shown here shouldn’t be overlooked. The Sedins don’t throw big bodychecks, but Adam Oates or Paul Kariya were never treated this way. They are Europeans that haven’t won a Stanley Cup, but Mats Sundin or Saku Koivu never had to deal with this kind of garbage. Is it because they’re twins? Is that so crazy?

Whatever the case, people ought to realize that Daniel and Henrik Sedin are a whole lot closer to Joe Sakic/Steve Yzerman than Alexei Yashin/Dany Heatley. They deserve a little respect.

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