Alex Fraser Bridge closed again due to falling snow and ice

Dec 12 2016, 9:18 pm

The Alex Fraser Bridge is closed to all traffic as of 1 pm this afternoon due to continuing issues with falling snow and ice.

According to the BC Ministry of Transportation, the closure is a safety precaution and the bridge will reopen when conditions are safe.

The outside lane in each direction had been closed on the bridge this morning, due to snow buildup on the cables and warming temperatures.

“There is an increased likelihood that snow or ice may shed from the cables into the lanes adjacent to the cables, therefore, the ministry is closing the outside lane in each direction as a precaution,” read a statement from the Ministry.

However, worsening conditions have led to a full closure of the bridge which the MInistry announced on Twitter.

Drivers are advised to take alternate routes through the George Massey Tunnel or Pattullo Bridge.

This is the second time in days that the Alex Fraser Bridge has been closed due to falling snow and ice. It was also closed for a six-hour period beginning in the late morning on Saturday.