We took adidas TERREX gear on a winter hike in Vancouver – Here’s our honest opinion

Feb 21 2023, 5:00 pm

There’s nothing quite like the fresh outdoors – especially when you live in a temperate rainforest. Think bright green trees, brisk fresh air, snow-capped mountains – even just that thought can bring a momentary sigh of relief to an otherwise stressful work day.

But, there’s one drawback to venturing into nature in BC: it’s almost guaranteed to be a wet walk. So, you could say we were excited when we heard we got to test out the latest hiking gear from adidas TERREX – it’s an added bonus that the brand just opened up its first North American store on Kitsilano’s 4th Avenue, but I digress.

Knowing I was to test the TERREX Swift R3 GORE-TEX, TERREX Tech Flooce, and TERREX XPLORIC RAIN.RDY HIKING JACKET, I knew just where I would spend my rainy-filled Saturday: Bowen Island Lookout aka one of my favourite hikes on the North Shore.

adidas terrex vancouver

Vanessa Shakespeare/Daily Hive

This hidden-gem trek up Cyprus is just under 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver and takes only 90 minutes to complete. The adventure is around four kilometres round-trip, has 110 metres of elevation, and has arguably the best view of Howe Sound and Bowen Island. And when it’s a rainy day, this hike also promises to be extra wet given there’s snow, and you’re in and out of the trees.

I must say, when we pulled up to the base of the hike, and I looked down at my outfit, I was skeptical that it would actually keep me warm. I’m excited to report this thought was quickly laid to rest.

My TERREX Swift R3 GORE-TEX shoes were so light they felt more like running sneakers than the versatile and stable hiking boots they are. The Continental Rubber outsole ensured I had traction amidst the wet, loose conditions. Even though the shoes were new – and I expected this would lead to some blistering – each step was softly cushioned thanks to the Lightstrike EVA. This comfort was further strengthened by the Pro-Moderator which provides lateral stability.

adidas terrex vancouver

Vanessa Shakespeare/Daily Hive

But what was perhaps the strongest and most noticeable benefit of these shoes, as I walked through the wet snow and the rain fell torrentially from above? My feet stayed warm and 100% dry.

This warmth was enhanced dramatically by my layered gear up top. I had on the adidas TERREX Tech Flooce – a.k.a a fleece made out of loops to minimize shedding. With the body-mapping technology and abrasion-resistant panels, this one provided the perfect texture for this layer of my outfit. I also appreciated the front zip pockets, as we climbed up the mountain because even though my body and feet were cozy, my hands were not.

And an added bonus? This soft hiking fleece is made of at least 60% recycled content – representing just one of the brand’s solutions to help end plastic waste.

adidas terrex vancouver

Vanessa Shakespeare/Daily Hive

As I sit here writing this piece, I’d also like to mention that I’m warmly wrapped in this fleece. Not only is it the perfect underlayer for a hike in BC, it’s also the coziest addition to my days full of writing.

And over everything, I had on the new TERREX XPLORIC RAIN.RDY HIKING JACKET which is made using advanced waterproofing materials and construction, plus recycled materials (so you can feel good wearing it). There’s also a conveniently designed pocket, which means easy access to whatever you pop in there – like your phone if you come across a good view spot. I’m used to repping a ski jacket when I go on these winter hikes, so this lightweight layer was a welcome upgrade.

adidas terrex vancouver

Vanessa Shakespeare/Daily Hive

As the sun began to set after another truly spectacular – and warm – hike on Bowen Island Lookout, we made our way back to the parking lot. Without the insulation of the trees as we walked toward the car, the wind (and hail, because why not?) came on strong. Though my cheeks felt the sharp cold of the air, my body and feet stayed blissfully unaffected.

To round out this new set of hiking gear, and ensure my legs feel the welcome reprieve from Raincouver, I will be visiting the new adidas Terrex store in Kits to grab myself a pair of hiking pants.

adidas terrex vancouver

Vanessa Shakespeare/Daily Hive

To learn more about the new adidas TERREX store opening or the fantastic line of products, click here.

Adidas TERREX Kitsilano

Where:  2235 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC


  • Monday to Saturday 10 am to 7 pm
  • Sunday 10 am to 6 pm

Phone: (778) 309-4898

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