The worst Halloween costumes you can wear this year

Oct 28 2016, 7:20 pm

You know that expression that’s been tossed around since Trudeau famously dropped the mic last year:

Because it’s (enter date here).

Well, in case you still haven’t figured it out – it means that this sh*t should be obvious by now. We shouldn’t have to tell you not to wear any of the costumes below. You should simply know better.

But, alas, we promise you will see at least a few of these atrocious Halloween costumes out and about this year. What’s worse, the people wearing them will think they’re ‘funny’ and that you just need to ‘lighten up’. (Please note: after five drinks these same people will likely want to fight you for daring to challenge their freedom of speech.)

So yes, these Halloween costumes will burn the eyes of many a partier in 2016. And at this point, all you can really do is hope that it’s not because you’re the one wearing them…

A Clown

Creepy clown (Sergey Shubin/Shutterstock)

Creepy clown (Sergey Shubin/Shutterstock)

Scary clown. Fun clown. It doesn’t matter. They’re all dead to us now because people are sick in the head.


Sure, go get wasted with all your friends dressed like someone who gave up their entire country for the chance to live in a country that freely affords you the opportunity to make fun of them.

Zika Virus

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Topical is not the same as funny.

Hilary Clinton 

The FBI will be looking into you if you do this. Again.

Anything Native/Aboriginal 

Image: Party City

Image: Party City

There’s a reason Osheaga (and many other festivals) have banned your culture-appropriating ass from wearing these. And you can be sure that if Halloween had a governing body they’d also slam anyone who thought this was a good idea.


Let. Him. Die.

Caitlin Jenner (now or then)

worst halloween costumes 2016

People learned their lesson last year (we hope). And you should have too.

Anything Black Face

How the f*ck do we still have to tell people not to do this?

Sexy Anything

worst halloween costumes 2016

Shout out to the ‘sexy Ken Bone’ for being both topical and supremely unfortunate.

Donald Trump 

Keep Canada great by not giving this guy any kind of tribute.

Beyonce Formation Video

worst halloween costumes 2016


If you are anything other than black please don’t do this. Please.

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