Someone on Kijiji is trying to trade a bobby pin for a house in Canada

Aug 2 2022, 4:12 pm

You know the housing crisis is bad in Toronto when people start bartering hair clips for homes.

One individual is doing an “experiment” on Kijiji and trying to trade a bobby pin for a house in Canada.

The post went up five days ago from a user near the Queens Quay West area.

“We want to trade a single bobby pin for a house here in Canada. Everything will be documented and post on our YouTube channel @momvlogs and TikTok @thetradesproject,” the post reads.

At this time, the TikTok account does not have any videos uploaded.

Daily Hive investigated and the YouTube channel linked in the post looks to be that of a young family living in Dubai.

The Kijiji post also mentions “the paper clip challenge, how the guy traded a single paper clip for a house.” This is in reference to Canadian blogger Kyle MacDonald who, in 2014, traded his way from a single red paper clip to a house in a series of online trades.

MacDonald eventually made 14 trades before obtaining a two-storey farmhouse in Kipling, Saskatchewan.

What would you trade for a house in Canada?

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