Toronto guaranteed to have a white Christmas this year

Dec 22 2016, 1:43 pm

Despite how it’s felt in Toronto lately, December weather in 2016 has actually been quite normal for our part of the world.

What’s making the snow and wind and cold feel even more exaggerated is the fact that throughout December in 2015, Toronto was running about 7°C above normal. So if you’re still comparing this year to last year, you should stop.

Especially because this year we will have a white Christmas in Toronto.

But there’s a catch.

According to The Weather Network, the guarantee of a white Christmas in Toronto has much more to do with the snow we already have than any we’ll be receiving between now and the 25th. Essentially, the snow that’s already accumulated on the ground won’t have time to melt before Christmas. However, meteorologist Dayna Vettese told Daily Hive that Toronto is expected to have a light sprinkle of the fluffy white stuff over the next few days, about 1-2 cm, so hopefully our white Christmas will actually look that way (as opposed to the brown slushy snowbank Christmas we often have to settle for).

Year over year, Toronto only has a 35% chance of a White Christmas, so enjoy it while it’s here – there’s definitely no guarantee it will come around again in 2017.

And with a high of 8°C (and possibly rain) expected on Boxing Day, don’t expect it to stick around too long either.

White Christmas Canada

The Weather Network

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