Believe it or not: Toronto weather expected to be sunny and 11°C this weekend

Apr 17 2018, 12:48 pm

Ice, snow, rain… and now sunshine?

Sure, why not.

While the city has gone suffered through a horrid – and dangerous – spring season so far, things are actually starting to look up in Toronto… if you look far enough ahead, that is.

According to Environment Canada, the weekend forecast (just a few chilly days away) for the city is 9°C on Saturday and 11°C on Sunday – both sunny.

weekend forecast

Environment Canada

What’s more, Monday is expected to shoot all the way up to 13°C and Tuesday a startling 15°C.

At this point, we’d be fine with skipping spring altogether and having summer simply show up. Hell, we’d be satisfied if the snow just stopped falling.

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