Toronto realtor recreates iconic Risky Business scene to promote new listing (VIDEO)

Sep 6 2018, 9:55 pm

A Toronto realtor has recreated one of the most iconic movie scenes for her latest real estate listing video, and it’s safe to say she’s going to have very few problems selling the house.

Real estate agent Karyn Filiatraut, who is no stranger to untraditional marketing tactics, recreated the epic Risky Business dance scene to promote a house she’s selling at 903 Lansdowne Avenue.

After posting the video on Facebook on Tuesday, it’s quickly racked up over 6,500 views and countless praises from viewers.

“Tom Cruise wasn’t available to re-shoot this epic scene from “Risky Business”, but we found the next best thing — and he’s arguably up for an Oscar for this stellar performance,” reads the Facebook post, referring to the talented dancer in the video, Daniel Karp.

“Show your love for this gorgeous home and our talent’s brave vulnerability to reenact one of the most recognized Hollywood scenes of all time… in his undies.”

Daily Hive spoke to the seller of the listing, who said the video is a good way to get the word out about a great place.

“Our agent, Karyn Filiatraut, is known for her lifestyle videos. When she pitched us the Risky Business scene, we thought it was a bit… risky,” said the seller. “But then we kept talking about it — and realized it might also keep buyers talking about the house. It was still a shock to walk into the dining room and see a guy with no pants on. But hopefully, it will be a good way to get the word out about a great place.”

Whether you’re in the market for a stunning three bedroom home in Toronto’s west end, or you’re just in for a good laugh, click play below and enjoy.

“Risky Business On Lansdowne” (Introducing For Sale, 903 Lansdowne Ave) from Karyn Filiatrault on Vimeo

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