Toronto just set the record for the least amount of sun in November

Nov 30 2018, 3:37 pm

Well, Toronto, if you felt like November was darker and gloomier than usual, you weren’t wrong.

Toronto just had the most “sun-starved” month since December 2014, according to The Weather Network.

If you felt a bit more down this November, it most likely has to do with the fact that there was a staggering 88% of cloud coverage recorded during daylight hours at Toronto International Airport.

But let’s not forget about the below seasonal temperatures, persistent precipitation, and twice the monthly average snowfall recorded.

Oh boy, November really was a beaut.

To further paint the gloomy picture, The Weather Network reported that since November 1, Toronto Pearson Airport recorded:

  • There were nine days in November that were 100% cloudy (no sun visibility).
  • 22 days had an average cloud coverage of 80% or more.
  • November 22 was the only day cloud cover was below 50%, so hopefully, you enjoyed it.
  • One entire hour of daylight was lost as we approach the winter solstice.

What’s even worse is the notoriously cloudy Vancouver managed to outshine Toronto this November, with an average cloud cover of 79%.

The Weather Network

And even though Toronto had a limited number of days where significant rain or snow fall this November, there were 24 days (including today) that recorded at least a trace of precipitation, which includes drizzle, light rain, or flurries, according to The Weather Network.

But have no fear, sun is near and will thankfully make an appearance next Tuesday.

However, The Weather Network says this will be shortlived and we can expect a cloudy December. Sweet.

Environment Canada

So, try to make the most of the sunshine that we have left this year. Otherwise, you could always consider booking a one-way flight out of here ASAP.

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