Toronto ranked as third most desirable city to live

Sep 7 2016, 5:43 pm

While Toronto is number one in our hearts, a recent report has ranked the 6ix as the third top city to live and work.

The PWC Cities of Opportunities 7 report compared global urban qualities and ranked Toronto in the top three cities, following London and Singapore.

“It makes us proud to see Toronto performing so well against many of these renowned global cities,” said Raj Kothari, Managing Partner, Greater Toronto PwC Canada, in a press release. “Toronto’s strong performance in metrics related to quality of life and economic potential are consistent with the realities of a city that has been internationally recognized for its cultural diversity, growing community of entrepreneurs, and accessible health care system, social services and education.”

The top cities showed balanced strengths in education, transit, health, economics, and governance. Toronto’s highest scores were in its “ease of doing business” and “intellectual capital and innovation.”

“The city may be calm, cold a good bit of the year, and overshadowed by the “buzz” in US cities to the south, but its performance clearly shows that a strong economy and high quality of life can exist very happily a bit farther from the madding crowd,” stated the report.

Although Toronto ranks in at third best overall, it comes second on the index in health, safety & security, and cost. It is no surprise that one of Toronto’s weaknesses is transportation. The report attributed this to the city’s ongoing challenges with traffic, ease of commute, and mass transit coverage.

In the 2014 report issued by PWC, Toronto was ranked as the fourth most desirable city to live. The report stated that Toronto’s rise from the fourth most desirable city in 2014 to the third position this year can be attributed to its consistent performance and steady improvements in a number of social and economic indicators.

But while it is third in this ranking, Toronto remains number one in our hearts – despite the daily TTC woes.

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