It’s cheaper to drive to Boston for a Leafs’ playoff game than going in Toronto

Apr 11 2018, 8:09 pm

Well Leafs fans, once again, playoff season is upon us.

This time of year doesn’t come easy, and it certainly isn’t something we get in abundance. So when the Toronto Maple Leafs make the playoffs, how much are we willing to fork out for game tickets?

Considering the Leafs have always been one of the NHL’s top two most valuable teams according to Forbes, it’s really never a surprise how much tickets to games costs. Even during the regular season.

Now, being back in the playoffs for the second year in a row, Leaf fans have some decisions to make.

While the Raptors’ Jurassic Park will be a joint fan celebration zone for both teams, the die-hard fans will be looking for a seat indoors.

And forget pre-sale and regular sale tickets, it’s the Leafs we’re talking about here.

According to a recent investigation by CBC and the Toronto Star, only 96 seats for the first Leafs home playoff game were ever put on sale to the general public through the box office.

Think about that for a second.

That number equates to one half of one percent of the 17,929 seats in the ACC for Game 3 next Monday against the Boston Bruins.

“Only 672 tickets were put on sale for Game 3 against the Bruins during two pre-sales on Monday and the public sale on Tuesday,” reported the investigation. “After the season ticket holders got first dibs209 tickets remained for members of Leafs Nation. On Tuesday, only 96 tickets were left for the general public.”

And most of the tickets were singles that ranged in price from $175 to $754, with the average price being $506.77.

For the less than 1% that do manage to snag that illusive Toronto playoff ticket, it’s practically a miracle. For the rest of us who may want to watch the game live in the flesh, the decision is to either 1) find a ticket for game 3 and 4 on Stubhub, or 2) find a ticket for game 1 and 2 in Boston.

Starting the playoffs in the Bruins’ home is not the worst for Leaf fans in terms of cost. Because, and this will not come as a surprise, tickets in Boston are almost half of the cost in Toronto (if you even fine one.)

And, Boston is a drive away… 9 hours, but a drive nonetheless.

Comparing the official sites, TD Garden in Boston currently has tickets to Thursday’s game for $125 US, compared to Toronto’s first home game at the ACC, which is sold out (obviously)Ω.

Boston Bruin tickets are available for Game 1/Ticketmaster

When was the last time the Leafs had this many left during ANY game?

We’ve been seeing Ticketmaster apologize to us for years.

Meanwhile in Toronto… /Ticketmaster

Looking at Stubhub, tickets are available for the Leafs… By that we actually mean a ticket, singular, for game 3. It’s standing room only, and will set you back $200 US.

And don’t worry, we’re not the only ones looking for tickets to these games last minute. Just you, me, and 4792 others.



So breaking it down, a game in Boston for you and a friend would look like this:

Ticket: $125 US per ticket ($157 CA)
AirBnB or hotel (a bit further from TD Garden): $120 CA per night (split in two, would be $60)
Gas: $100 CA ($50 between two)*

Total cost in Boston for a game: Roughly $267 CA

Total cost for a game at the ACC: Roughly $200 (if you get that one ticket for game 3)- 225 US for game 4 (aka $252 – $283 CA).

That away game leaves you with extra cash for beer and even a souvenir Boston keychain.

But of course, there’s nothing like a good ol’ home game at the ACC. So good luck saving up for the next time we make the playoffs. In the meantime, we’ll settle for Maple Leaf Square outdoors in the cold among the thousands of other fans, they’ll keep us warm.

Go Leafs!

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