You can buy a historical home in Toronto for $22 million (PHOTOS)

Jan 17 2019, 4:23 pm

If you’re in the market for some new digs and you have a cool $22 million in the bank, this historic gem in Rosedale might be the perfect place for you.

Located at 124 Park Road, this three-storey home was built before confederation in 1857, so it’s oozing with history and charm.

But don’t worry, the home has been renovated and is equipped with plenty of modern features like a freakin’ ball hockey court, an impressive man cave and even a secret tunnel.

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The 12,000-sq-ft home, which has five luxurious bedrooms and nine bathrooms that are fit for a king, is big enough to get lost in. However, the home still gives off major cozy vibes, something that many modern Toronto listings lack.

Interested in seeing what a $22 million mansion looks like? Read on to see what truly makes this property unique. 124 Park Road/Sotheby’s

For starters, many of the rooms feature large windows, giving you plenty of natural light.

124 Park Road/Sotheby’s

It comes with an elegant kitchen that’s easily bigger than most condos in Toronto.

124 Park Road/Sotheby’s

We have a feeling the library smells of rich mahogany.

124 Park Road/Sotheyby’s

Plus, check out the wood panelling and coffered ceilings.

124 Park Road/Sotheby’s

The master bathroom isn’t too shabby, either.

124 Park Road/Sotheby’s

This is easily one of the coolest man caves we’ve ever seen.

124 Park Road/Sotheby’s

A ball hockey court that’s perfect for the ultimate Canadian hockey fan.

124 Park Road/Sotheby’s

What are the chances all the wine comes with the house?

124 Park Road/Sotheby’s

Our favourite addition is the zig-zagging underground tunnel that connects the main house to the coach house. It also makes for a pretty decent art gallery.

124 Park Road/Sotheby’s

There’s also an outdoor pool, a full gym, a sauna and a hot tub on the property. No big deal.

124 Park Road/Sotheby’s

But if $22 million is out of your price range for a home, there are still plenty of other awesome listings available if you have a million dollar budget, including this unusually skinny home in Toronto that’s selling for $3 million.

As for the rest of us, we’ll just admire these listings from afar.