A car drove into the streetcar tunnel near Union Station this morning

Feb 23 2017, 2:56 pm

There have been some interesting drivers in the city lately.

Last month, a jeep was pulled out of Cherry Beach after the driver drove right into the icy shores and got stuck.

And on Thursday morning, a vehicle drove into the TTC streetcar tunnel near Union Station, and proceeded to abandon his vehicle.

TTC’s executive director of corporate communications Brad Ross documented the incident, including the car’s extraction. Meanwhile, Streetcars were definitely affected during the morning commute.

According to Ross, a streetcar discovered the vehicle abandoned just before 4 am. While the diver had initially fled, he later returned and was charged by transit police.

As for the reason he ended up in the tunnel? It turns out he was following his GPS.

Might want to look at the road ahead, even when using such technologies.

While this may seem like a strange incident, it actually happened before less than a year ago in April of 2016.

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