The City's cat cuddler positions are filled but dog walkers still needed

Jan 11 2018, 9:10 pm

Earlier this week, the City of Toronto let it be known that it was in need of volunteer positions for Rabbit/Cat Cuddlers.

And Toronto delivered.

According to Animal Services, they’ve had such a strong response that they are no longer accepting applications for cuddlers, and those who have applied will be put on a waitlist.

Applicants for the cuddler positions included an entire grade 1 class who “love” bunnies and cats, and promised to be “very careful with them.”

Mayor John Tory also thanked Toronto for the residents’ response.

But for those still looking to help, there are other volunteer positions open through the city for animal lovers.

Dog Walkers

The city is currently looking for volunteers who will help socialize and exercise the dogs in shelters. “This is a rewarding experience for the volunteer, but also crucial to the physical and mental well-being of the animals in our care, and helps them get adopted,” states the City. Dog walkers are needed at all shelters, and those interested should contact 416-338-0934 or [email protected]

Animal Fostering

According to the city, animal fostering volunteers provide long-term care to animals that cannot stay at shelters into their homes to help prepare them for adoption, and are provided with all supplies and veterinary care required until the animals can be brought back to the shelter.

These animals include: kittens (orphaned or nursing with their mother) as well as adult cats and dogs who are sick or injured. The average time commitment for volunteers is three to six weeks, but the time varies depending on the animal. To apply, contact 416-338-0934 or [email protected]

Puppies and and other cats need love too. So here’s your chance.

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