Starbucks just dropped a new espresso for the first time since 1975

Feb 16 2017, 5:10 am

You’re going to love the new blonde in town.

Sweet and light, smooth and exciting – the Blonde Espresso from Starbucks Canada is available starting today at locations across the country.

This espresso has sweet notes of citrus, which makes it a great addition to any beverage – especially through steamed milk, where the taste is enhanced with roasted caramel flavours.

If you’re not keen on the strong, bitter taste of regular espresso, the Blonde Espresso is a great alternative to get that jolt you need.

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You can take the new blend straight or incorporate it into your favourite hot and cold drinks like the Flat White or an Iced Americano Double Shot. Drinks made with the new espresso roast are sweet and subtle.

This is the newest addition to the mega-chain’s large caffeinated lineup, but it’s only the second espresso to be added to the menu. The only other variety is the Signature Espresso which was added back in 1975.

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