"Rather obvious": A sign of shrinkflation in a Canadian store has people talking

Aug 23 2022, 3:44 pm

A post to Reddit showing “rather obvious shrinkflation” at a store in Alberta had many people commenting on changes they have seen recently while grocery shopping.

The post is of a photo of four muffins in a package that seems to normally be filled with six muffins.

The image has sparked other people to tell of things they have noticed while grabbing some items in stores amid pressing inflation across Canada.
 “I noticed that this weekend too! Suddenly muffins are in 4 packs but cost the same amount,” wrote one user.

“I noticed this happened to cinnamon buns in the stores near me. They used to be packs of 6 with almost too much icing now there are only 4 with almost no icing,” wrote another user.

“This looks ridiculous, like someone ate two but they still sold them anyway,” added another.

Whatever the case may be, we suggest maybe checking out Costco for their muffins. HUGE and plentiful over there, yum!

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