Gas prices could drop below $1 in Toronto this week

Nov 14 2018, 7:32 pm

Is the gas tank in your car getting close to empty?

Well, if you can hold out just a little bit longer you’ll be able to save a little bit of coin when the time comes to fuel back up.

According to Dan McTeague, senior petroleum analyst at, a website that monitors gas prices throughout North America, average gas prices on Thursday in the province could be the lowest since October 2017.

And some gas retailers could even drop the price down to as low as 99 cents a litre, according to McTeague.

According to McTeague, the average price of a litre of gas in the GTA is currently $1.159 and its expected to fall by four cents to $1.119 a litre.

And while it will always seem like we pay more for gas than we should, any decrease in the price is a welcome decrease.

Fill ‘er up!

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