"Guy got lost in the matrix": Bad parking job in BC bewilders all

May 16 2023, 6:01 pm

Another day, another bad Metro Vancouver parking job makes the rounds online.

The picture was shared on a Facebook page dedicated to bad drivers and already it has received a lot of reaction.

The picture was taken while the photographer was out and about in the Richmond area and shows a vehicle up on the curb and apparently far away from an actual spot.

“Just out here minding my business and heading to the post office,” wrote Avril Easton in the post.

bad parking

Avril Easton/Facebook

This instance of bad parking happened at the Seafair Shopping Centre earlier this week, and while some of the reactions to the post have been hilarious, others are suggesting that it’s actually the parking lot’s fault.

“Hey, which wise guy propped that curb underneath my car? So rude!” said one comment.

Another clever response said, “guy got lost in the matrix,” likely referring to the fact that the vehicle is a Toyota Matrix.

One response on Facebook suggested that this sort of thing is commonplace in this parking lot.

“It’s a terrible parking lot, not the first time this has happened.”

One theory is that the driver got stuck and then abandoned the vehicle, other theories suggest the driver is just really into off-roading.

Same vibe as those dealerships that display their vehicle’s offroad capabilities with ramps,” read one comment.

What do you think? Is this driver a poor victim of a poorly designed parking lot, or do they deserve the turtle of shame?

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