McDonald's Canada launches Bacon, Egg, and Smoky Gouda McMuffin

Jan 24 2023, 7:16 pm

McDonald’s is at it once again with the new menu item drops.

We aren’t even talking about the Waffle Fries and Spicy McNuggets that recently made a comebackĀ for a limited time only.

No, we are talking about the new Bacon, Egg, and Smoky Gouda McMuffin.

Available until 11 am, this new item is made with a freshly cracked Canada Grade A egg topped with smoke-flavoured Gouda cheese, smoky cheese-flavoured sauce, and hickory smoked bacon. Customers can have this one on a bagel as well (plain, sesame, or everything).

Act fast because these menu items won’t be on the menu for long. This new sandwich will be available until 11 am every day between January 24 and April 3.

If you’re heading over to your nearest branch of the fast-food joint, be sure to check out its other recent menu additions: The McCrispy, the Carolina BBQ Quarter Pounder, and the limited-edition Candy Cane Fudge McFlurry.

McDonald's Canada

Courtesy of McDonald’s Canada

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