Premiere Kathleen Wynne is suing Ontario Conservative Leader Patrick Brown

Oct 21 2017, 12:44 am

It’s just been confirmed that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne will be taking the next steps towards suing the province’s Opposition leader Patrick Brown for defamation after he said she was on “trial” during the Sudbury byelection bribery case.

This announcement comes after Wynne’s lawyer had sent the Progressive Conservative leader a letter on September 12, asking him to retract his comments.

Brown had previously told reporters he hoped Wynne would give answers in regards to the by-election scandal, going as far as commenting, “maybe when she stands trial” and describing her as a “sitting premier, sitting in trial.”

After Brown made no attempt to apologize or retract his statement, the premier’s lawyer, Jack B. Siegel, took the appropriate next steps of action by serving Brown with a notice of libel earlier this morning.

“You have refused to retract or apologize for those defamatory statements and have made further defamatory statements about Premier Wynne,” lawyers Jack Siegel and Sheldon Inkol of Blaney McMurtry LLP said in a four-page letter, reports the Toronto Star.

The letter accuses Brown of making statements were false and defamatory and that Brown had the “intention of further harming Premier Wynne’s reputation,” wrote Siegel and Inkol.

According to Wynne’s lawyers, she is seeking an unspecified “award of aggravated and punitive damages.”

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