Canadians are ripping Tim Hortons' poutine a new one

Jun 15 2018, 5:18 pm

To say the tribe has spoken about Tim Hortons’ newest menu item is an understatement.

We’ve always known Canadians are passionate about poutine, and more specifically where they get their poutine. Us Canucks can be particular about the crispiness of the fries, the saltiness of the gravy, and most importantly, the squeakiness of those cheese curds.

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So we can’t say we’re surprised to see poutine backlash from Tim’s version of the classic Canadian dish.

Made from this spot’s signature potato wedges, cheese curds from Quebec, and gravy, Tim’s unveiled the creation on June 13. People also have the option to add chilli and bacon on top.

Some of the complaints seem branch-specific (I mean, shredded mozzarella is no Quebec cheese curd), but the general consensus is disappointment and savage-ness.


Tim Hortons Poutine


Tim Hortons Poutine


Now don’t get us wrong, for every 15 bad comments there are a few good ones, but the majority of commenters are not here for this kind of mainstream poutine activity.

Some people are getting REALLY serious about it, but in all honesty, we like our poutine simple and drama-free.