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Sep 08, 2018 2:00 pm
Sep 09, 2018 3:00 pm
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Orpheum Theater
1192 Market St, Toronto, Toronto

The Theatrical Musical Play

The Book of Mormon being a musical play is not just about singing and dancing it brings more to the audience than just what meets the eye. This is the kind of a play you will remember all your lives and it will teach you the differences that we humans are facing living in the same world. Yet our worlds are completely different based on the geographical areas that we belong to and the society we have been brought up in.
It brings a religious aspect to the play as that it was basically is meant to cater to, however it highlights that religion may come really far in the list when there are so many grave issues staring in your face living in a third world country. Its humor makes it relatable and understandable in a light manner that makes an impact in the minds of the audience. It will make you feel a lot of emotions all at once, it is even recommended for other movie makers to watch this play as they may learn a lot about how serious topics can be managed through humor. Hence this play will be a learning experience for people from all walks of life and everyone should aspire to watch it and internalize what it is trying to portray, this play can completely change your perspective once and for all. So buy your tickets now as you would definitely not want to miss out an opportunity that’s very rare.
Buying your Book of Mormon tickets would not take any effort as you just have to visit our official website, right from the comfort of your home or couch. You will not have to go half an early to buy the tickets this way and you will time as well.

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