Wild parking lot confrontation in Canada captured in viral post (VIDEO)

Feb 23 2023, 6:37 pm

A freak-out in an Edmonton parking lot is quickly going viral online.

The video, which has since been deleted from TikTok, begins with a woman in a red coat berating another woman for sitting in her car in the lot.

In the clip, the woman calmly tries to explain that she has just finished an appointment and has been in her car for less than five minutes, but that doesn’t stop the red-coat lady from hurling body-shaming insults at the woman and, ironically, calling her a Karen.

“Fata** Karen!” says the woman in the red coat. “You just can’t be kind… You are the problem of the world,” she continues.

“Ma’am, it is a parking spot that you are currently losing your mind over, and I would appreciate it if you would just go and find another parking spot,” the video-taker tries to explain.

As the video progresses, the woman gets out of her car to capture the plate number of the red-coat lady. While trying to block her licence plate from the camera, the red-coat lady insists she has done nothing wrong.

“You can’t handle what someone called you? I haven’t done anything!” she says.

After briefly exchanging words, the video-taker returns to her car before the video ends.

While deleted, the clip made its way to other corners of the internet, and people have a lot to say about the dispute.

Some acknowledged that trying to park in the winter has its challenges but commended the video-taker for her calm demeanour.

However, some people had their own petty suggestions for how to respond to that kind of confrontation.

Daily Hive reached out to the video-taker to get more details on the situation but had not heard back at the time of publishing.

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