Downsview Station renaming is costing City of Toronto $800,000

Apr 20 2017, 6:27 pm

In case you missed it, the TTC’s Downsview Station will be renamed as Sheppard West Station on May 7, ahead of the Line 1 extension to York Region coming later this year.

It may seem like a simple name change, but it comes with a hefty price tag. An $800,000 price tag, to be exact.

In a release, the TTC says that the majority of that money ($600,000) is going to the “reprogramming of Bombardier’s proprietary announcement system on the the Toronto Rocket subways.”

Essentially this means that it costs a lot to re-do station announcements, and change the name on subway maps and signage.

The items that are impacted by the name change include:

  • 30 signs in and around Downsview Station
  • 123 destination signs in other TTC stations
  • 161 platform ‘You Are Here’ maps in stations
  • 3,184 maps on subway trains
  • 4,000 maps in transit shelters
  • 250,000 Ride Guides

Who knew that a name transformation could come at such a big cost?

But it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise.

A similar situation recently occurred in Vancouver, where it was announced that the city’s logo change would cost $150,000 in total (thanks, in part, to having to change all the City of Vancouver signs). Yes, a new logo for the city could end up costing $10,000 per letter.

Still, it just’s adding to the list of reasons the TTC continues to be one of the most expensive transit systems in the world.

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