Carey Price asking for help to send sick baby stuck in Montreal home to Argentina

Mar 31 2023, 12:08 am

Carey Price has turned to social media in search of help for a sick baby he met Wednesday at Montreal Children’s Hospital.

The legendary Montreal Canadiens goaltender posted a photo of him and his wife Angela with a family from Argentina that needs help.

“I don’t ask this very often or unnecessarily,” Price said. “We met with Augusto [at Montreal Children’s Hospital]. The family is desperate to get back to Argentina to [resume] medical treatment. Thank you for considering a helping hand.”

In a video posted to her Instagram story, Angela Price provided further explanation.

“Yesterday, me and Carey went to the children’s hospital here in Montreal, and I say that because I want to tell you about a family we met,” she said.

“They are from Argentina, a husband, a wife, and a little 19-month-old baby — sweet, little baby. They were here for a convention. A couple of days after being here, the baby fell very ill and ended up in the children’s hospital. They are still unsure what is wrong with the baby. It’s a really sad story.”

Angela said baby Augusto was seemingly healthy prior to leaving Argentina.

“They’ve been stuck at the hospital and their insurance does not cover their medical bills here, so they’re racking up expenses here in Canada. They’re desperately trying to get home to Argentina but they’ll have to take a special plane with doctors to get the baby there safely, and they can’t do it.”

The family has started a GoFundMe page, with a $100,000 goal set.

“Any little bit helps. Just get this sweet baby Augusto back home and their family back home. Just praying that the doctors can figure out what’s going on and help this sweet sweet baby.”

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