Canadian World Cup star Alistair Johnston tests his Scottish slang (VIDEO)

Jan 25 2023, 11:11 pm

Canada’s first men’s FIFA World Cup berth in 36 years sparked global attention on Canada Soccer. Now Alistair Johnston is discovering the world.

With Canadians playing transferring abroad, Johnston, of Aurora, Ontario, isn’t doing too badly at learning his Scottish slang with his new club, Celtic FC of Glasgow. 

“Watch me struggle through some Scottish slang with my tutor,” he said on Instagram.

On Wednesday, Celtic FC posted a video of Johnston testing the Scottish phrases he’s picked up since joining the club officially on January 1. 

Pushing his wits on phrases such as “that was mince” and “away and bile yer heed,” the Canadian defender got five phrases right and started on a strong note, saying “mince”  meant “awful.”

Canada's Alistair Johnston

Celtic FC/YouTube

“He’s awfy glaikit,” pushed him though, with Johnston’s Celtic teammate and Scotsman Greg Taylor called for a funny VAR review to explain the term. “He’s awfy glaikit,” Johnston then said of his teammate David Turnbull. 

“Bolt ya rocket” apparently doesn’t mean “f— off,” leaving Johnston shocked. “You can’t say f— off; why not?”

He instantly recognized “going for a swally” as going for a drink and had little issue with “did ye aye” either.

Johnston debuted for Celtic on Jan 2 against Rangers FC and fellow Canadian Scott Arfield and is on a five-year contract with the club after being sold by CF Montreal of MLS, where he nearly led the club to an MLS Cup. 

Canadians are making their way around the world, but “coorie up” and enjoy the ride. 

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