How a stay in Vancouver makes these 5 ordinary activities extraordinary (PHOTOS)

May 10 2022, 3:38 pm

We all hear of how amazing Vancouver is said to be. The city has the power to turn many somewhat mundane experiences like a walk, cab ride, or morning wake up into a magical moment. Time spent in Vancouver is filled with fresh, salty sea air and the backdrop of dramatic mountainscapes — making even the most ordinary experiences feel like scenes out of your favourite novel.

To prove to you how much more romantic your vacation’s morning stroll, transit, or family activity could be here in one of the best cities in the world, we’ve rounded up a handful of only-in-Vancouver activities that will add a certain sea-soaked sparkle to your days off.

Ferry across False Creek

Taking the False Creek Ferry in Vancouver (Destination Vancouver)

This simple means of transportation is also a destination activity, as two adorable little ferry boat options offer the ability to cross the False Creek of Vancouver from must-see spots, such as the indie shopping area of Yaletown, trendy breweries around Olympic Village, and the famed, picturesque Granville Island Public Market.

Not only do both the False Creek Ferries and the Aquabus offer a unique way to dart across one of the city’s most buzzing inlets, but for as little as $2.38 USD, they also make it possible for you to tell your friends and family back home that you went boating while on your trip without it being a total fib.

Speaking of USD, given every $1 USD is $1.26 CAD, you’ll be able to maximize your money (and have no hesitation splurging) when visiting your northern neighbour.

A forest walk along the Capilano Suspension Bridge

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (Destination Vancouver)

In Vancouver, a light nature walk could include adventuring through the forest — crossing a bridge 450-feet-long and 230-feet-high surrounded by the bright lush colours of the temperate rainforest (and some of the highest treetops in North America).

Once inside Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, your excursion doesn’t have to end after you cross the bridge. The area also houses more in-the-trees adventures, including the park’s thrilling Cliffwalk and the Treetops Adventure that will have you living out your childhood Tarzan and Star Wars Ewok village fantasies.

Jogging along the Seawall

Running along Vancouver’s seawall (Destination Vancouver)

Arguably Vancouver’s best feature, the Seawall wraps around the city, spanning all the seaside neighbourhoods and city-side beaches from Kitsilano to Science World in Olympic Village and looping around Stanley Park in its entirety. Here, this is your average daily stroll — along the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront path.

The path is 28 km, stretching from the Vancouver Convention Centre to Spanish Banks Park with many opportunities to stop for snacks and drinks along the way. Though it’s perfect to choose a section to walk, run, or jog — you can’t do better than renting a bicycle or bringing your own to conquer some or all of it with ease.

Stroll through a mural festival

Vancouver Mural Festival

Vancouver Mural Festival (Destination Vancouver)

This non-profit festival happens within the heart of one of Vancouver’s brightest and most trendy neighbourhoods — Mount Pleasant. In this area, the average step out to the produce market is coloured with bold and buzzing shops and a vibrant underlying art scene.

Enveloped by thriving local breweries, music venues, endless restaurants, local shops and consignment stores, Mount Pleasant is a neighbourhood with a lot of life to it that makes each day feel a little bolder than the last. And it may be at its peak when it hosts the Vancouver Mural Festival in the summer (August 4 to 14), as this once grassroots turned world-class, multimedia affair puts on a show for all average passersby to see.

Wake up to a view like no other

Hotel balcony overlooking Canada Place

Hotel balcony overlooking Canada Place (Destination Vancouver)

In Vancouver, there are a number of hotel options right on the water — with views of both the mountains and the ocean. Whether it’s an established luxury chain or a boutique-style you prefer, all of them are only a short walk to Stanley Park, city beaches, dining, and shopping within the bustling city centre. Here, people live, work, and play right downtown.

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