Toronto Raptors mascot gifts candy to Drake's son Adonis and his reaction is priceless (VIDEO)

Dec 28 2022, 5:10 pm

Toronto Raptors superfan and homegrown hip-hop superstar Drake was spotted at Scotiabank Arena on Tuesday watching the Raps take on former teammate Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers.

But like many recent courtside Drake sightings, it was his adorable golden-locked son, Adonis, taking centre stage.

This was the case just a few weeks ago, when the 36-year-old entertainment mogul had to publicly shut down a woman showering his five-year-old progeny with bags of candy, including Skittles and Sour Patch Kids.

It was a heartwarming display of parenting, and a typically unseen side of Drizzy that had people across the nation swooning in comment sections.

And it seems the Toronto Raptors’Ā mascot also took notice of the exchange, as the oversized red dinosaur dropped a clear reference to the confectionery clamp-down witnessed earlier in December last night, approaching Drake and Adonis in defiance with a literal table full of candy.

The Raptor showers the youngster with a selection of Starburst, Skittles, and Twizzlers (which I’ve taken the liberty of listing in descending order of deliciousness) but, this time, Drake seems more welcoming of the sweet (in both the literal and figurative sense) gesture, laughing and smiling as the mascot doles out goodies.

Adonis’Ā dentist is also likely appreciative of all the tooth-rotting goodness.

It’s an unusually wholesome moment from the hip-hop legend, philanthropist, fashion icon, and basketball ambassador, and a reminder that even with all his titles, his son just knows him as “Dad.”

The Raptors would eventually fall 124-113 to the Clippers in a hard-fought battle, despite a 36-point performance from Pascal Siakam.

But at least Adonis probably left the game with a smile.

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