Toronto tops the charts for the most diverse food scene in the world

May 13 2022, 5:37 pm

Chef’s Plate has revealed the city with the most diverse food scene in the world and it just so happens to be in Canada.

It’s settled, according to an analysis of Tripadvisor data by Chef’s Plate, Toronto has the most diverse food scene in the world.

They even found out that the city has 1,700 monthly Google Searches looking for the “best Chinese food Toronto” and ā€˜”best Mexican food Toronto.”

There’s no doubt, Toronto loves to eat.

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Chef’s Plate

The city came in first with 12 in the “International cuisines in top 20 restaurants” category with Cairo trailing behind, Seoul in third, and Karachi, Pakistan in fourth.

There’s been a ton of buzz in Toronto’s food industry lately and with the announcement that the Michelin Guide is coming to the city, this development just makes sense.

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