Blue Jays fan makes sensational catch without even leaving his seat

May 31 2023, 12:17 am

It’s the catch of the season, but it wasn’t made by any of the players on the field. The distinction instead belongs to a Toronto Blue Jays fan, who made an incredible catch without leaving his seat.

Multiple fans in the area stood up as a foul ball off the bat of a Milwaukee Brewers player came soaring into their section at Rogers Centre in Toronto, but not this guy.

In an instantly-viral video posted by the Blue Jays this evening, the ball-catching fan was seen making an incredible grab from the comfort of his seat. It wasn’t an easy catch to make either, as the fan had to reach way back behind his head to snag the ball in mid-air with his left hand, as he held his phone in his right hand.

The fan, cool as can be, celebrated with a subdued fist pump, as others around him stood and applauded.

Fans on social media saluted him too.

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