Rainn Wilson unofficially changes his name to "Rainnfall Heat Wave Rising Sea Levels Wilson" (VIDEO)

Nov 10 2022, 8:40 pm

Rainn Wilson, an actor most people probably know best as playing Dwight Kurt Schrute III in the US version of The Office, has undergone an unofficial name change.

He is now Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson, which is not a joke, as Wilson explains in a video he posted on Twitter.

Wilson hopes to raise awareness for COP27, a United Nations climate change conference between November 6 and 18.

Wilson refers to his new name in the video and adds a few words.

“Hi there, I’m Rainn Wilson, or should I say, Rainnfall Heat Wave Rising Sea Levels, and we have to do something about it now, Wilson,” he says.

He laughs and then says, sorry to get so dark so quick, then runs through a few different names the ArcticRisk name generator gave him.

Wilson has advocated for climate change well beyond this new ArctikRisk endeavour for COP27, as exemplified by his YouTube series, An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change.

You can also give yourself a climate-friendly name thanks to the ArcticRisk name generator.

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