Montreal woman nearly throws out winning $1 million lottery ticket

Jul 20 2018, 12:10 pm

While cleaning her apartment, July-Chinna Su almost threw out what ended up being a winning $1 million lottery ticket.

According to Loto-Québec, July-Chinna was at work when she saw posts all over social media about a variety of unclaimed lottery winners in Quebec.

The posts reminded her of an unchecked lottery ticket that she bought in LaSalle that was sitting on her kitchen counter, ready to be thrown out.

Su anxiously checked her number and saw that she had won the June 8 prize.

July-Chinna Su plans to pamper herself, visit her parent’s native Asia and invest her winnings.

Talk about a lucky July, huh?

Having posted an article about the unclaimed winners, we can’t help but feel slightly responsible for Su’s  winning realization. Treat the office to a round of coffees and we’ll call it even, Su.

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