Here’s how you can indulge in a chocolate-filled melt therapy kit this winter (PHOTOS)

Nov 7 2022, 5:01 pm

Is there anything more comforting than that warm, tingly feeling a cup of hot chocolate provides?

There’s just something about it that transports us back to our childhood memories — conjuring images of snow storms, the holidays, cozy nights by the fire with family, and long days spent indoors watching the rain hit the window pane. With winter drawing near and the cold weather sneaking in, you might find yourself yearning for that sentimental sensation.

With this in mind, Carnation Hot Chocolate — one of Canada’s top hot chocolate brands prepared locally with real cocoa in a variety of formats — is giving Canadians the chance to get their hands on everything needed to craft the perfect chocolatey beverage this season — for free.

To celebrate the launch of its brand-new Melt Therapy kits, Carnation Hot Chocolate recently held a pop-up event in downtown Toronto, where they gave consumers free hot chocolate and marshmallows so they could experience Melt Therapy for themselves — and let’s just say, it went down a treat.

Carnation Hot Chocolate’s Pop-Up in Toronto (Carnation Hot Chocolate)

To get your hands on one of 300 free Melt Therapy kits — all you have to do is go online and claim one. Each kit, which includes Carnation Hot Chocolate, marshmallows printed with quirky images of daily stressors and customized messaging, and a coupon for $4 off your next purchase, aims to melt away whatever is getting you down. Similar to retail therapy, Carnation’s Melt Therapy will offer a moment of comfort and indulgence when Canadians need it most. And let’s face it — after the past two years, we could all do with melting away a little stress. 

What’s more, when the 300 free Carnation Melt Therapy kits are gone, those who were unable to receive one can still make some savings with a coupon for $4 off their next purchase. Coupons will be up for grabs until the end of this year.

Those who enjoyed Carnation Hot Chocolate at home when growing up will remember its signature, rich and creamy taste — and now they can sip their way back to a simpler time, or create shared hot chocolate memories with their children.

And if you feel like elevating your Carnation Hot Chocolate experience, make it your own by adding fresh cream, cinnamon, or chocolate flakes. Sounds utterly dreamy, if you ask us.

To score a free Carnation Hot Chocolate Melt Therapy Kit or $4 off your purchase, click here.

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