Everything you know about Mayor Valérie Plante's 2018 budget

Jan 10 2018, 4:42 pm

Mayor Valérie Plante and Projet Montreal announced their first budget today and economic development, housing, and mobility were made a priority.

“Despite the challenges that the Chairman of the executive committee was facing to come up with a balanced budget he has managed to do so while putting economic development, housing and mobility at the forefront of our budget choices,” said Plante on Twitter.

Here are the details you need to know:


Residential property taxes will increase by an average of 1.9% and owners of non-residential properties will see an increase of 2.1%.

Water tax will also increase by 1.1% in order to cover water-infrastructure upgrades.

Citizen services

The City will increase the budget for snow removal to $163.3 million, which increased $6 million from the last budget.

“This increase will allow operations to be carried out even more efficiently and includes additional credits of $ 1.5 million for the region,” said the City in a release.


The City says that access to home ownership for Montreal families and accessible housing will be a priority for Plante and her administration.

There will be an increase in housing inspectors and a $21 million long-term investment to create a property acquirement program.


A $27.7 million increase will be allocated to the new Regional Metropolitan Transportation Authority (ARTM). However, Plante did not make any specific announcements about her promised 28-station Pink Line metro.

Borough funding

The 19 boroughs will receive $11.7 million in order to “retain their capacity to fully assume their role and provide quality community services to citizens.”

“This budget represents the beginning of the transition to the vision we have proposed to Montrealers, a vision focused on mobility, housing and local services to citizens,” said Plante in a release.

“Although the exercise was conducted in a tight budgetary context, the choices made and the budget orientations reflect our commitment to ensuring the development of Montréal with pragmatism and rigor, while placing the citizens at the center of our priorities.”

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