Can you correctly spell the most commonly misspelled words in Canada?

Nov 1 2022, 5:39 pm

The top 10 most commonly misspelled words of in Canada have been revealed and you might want to check if you’ve been spelling them incorrectly your whole life.

Word Tips has put together a list of the most commonly misspelled words across the world by gathering a sample of over two billion geotagged tweets. It isolated the word in each country that had the highest percentage of misspellings.

The results show that we share a lot of misspelled words with our neighbour, the US.

Here are the words that Canadians have a hard time spelling correctly, as well as the common wrongly spelled versions of the words and the rate of misspelling.

We’ve also added the Canadian Oxford Dictionary definition for each word as a bonus.

Cooly ❌ | Coolly ✅

Rate of misspelling: 49.6%
Definition (adverb): In a way that is not friendly or enthusiastic

Miniscule ❌ | Minuscule ✅

Rate of misspelling: 37.4%
Definition (adjective): xtremely small

Liason ❌ | Liaison ✅

Rate of misspelling: 35.7%
Definition (noun): A relationship between two organizations or different departments in an organization, involving the exchange of information or ideas

Sargent ❌ | Sergeant ✅

Rate of misspelling: 32%
Definition (noun): A member of one of the middle ranks in the army and the air force, below an officer

Supercede ❌ | Supersede ✅

Rate of misspelling: 25%
Definition (verb): ​To take the place of something/somebody that is considered to be old-fashioned or no longer the best available

Protestor ❌ | Protester ✅

Rate of misspelling: 24.5%
Definition (noun): A person who makes a public protest

Milennium/Millenium ❌ | Millennium ✅

Rate of misspelling: 17.8%
Definition (noun): ​A period of 1 000 years, especially as calculated before or after the birth of Christ

Drunkeness ❌ | Drunkenness ✅

Rate of misspelling: 17.4%
Definition (noun): The state of being drunk; the fact of often being drunk

Bellweather ❌ | Bellwether ✅

Rate of misspelling: 13.3%
Definition (noun): Something that is used as a sign of what will happen in the future

Dumbell ❌ | Dumbbell ✅

Rate of misspelling: 13.3%
Definition (noun): A short bar with a weight at each end, used for making the arm and shoulder muscles stronger

How did you fare? Let us know in the comments.

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