Little Debbie snacks are no longer available in Canada

Nov 29 2022, 8:12 pm

There is some bad news for Canadian fans of the very popular Little Debbie products.

It looks like the much-loved snacks, cakes, and baked goods are no longer available in Canada.

Dished reached out to the brand and it’s official: the products are no longer available in Canada.

This sad news feels especially worse since the recent confirmation that Bugles corn chipsĀ and Bagel Bites were also no longer available in Canada.

Known for its long product line of single-serving package baked goods, there were many items we were used to seeing on the shelves, like Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, Swiss Rolls, Powdered Mini Donuts, and bite-size Mini Brownies.

Little Debbie not available in Canada


When asked about the disappearance of the product in Canada, Little Debbie did tell Dished that it was not its decision to pull the products from Canadian store shelves.

“Our business model is one where we sell to independent wholesalers who then resell to grocery stores and convenience stores,” saidĀ Mike Gloekler, the corporate communications and public relations manager, in an email.

“The sole distributor in Canada chose to terminate their business relationship with our brands for reasons that are entirely their own.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we will see them returning to the snack aisle anytime soon.

“At present, we are not actively searching for a new distributor relationship in the Canada market,” Gloekler told Dished.

“We understand the disappearance of our products from the Canada market is disappointing to consumers there, but unfortunately this is the current situation, and we see no change to that in the near term,” he added.

Stay tuned for any updates on the situation.

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