5 things you can do right now to have an Instagram-worthy workspace

Dec 20 2017, 9:51 pm

2018 is here, so isn’t it time to transform your home office into a place where you would actually be proud to conduct some business? Whether you’re in need of a total revamp or a few minor adjustments, we are here to help make your home office a place to start the new year off right!

1. Put in the work

It’s a brand new shiny year, set aside a few hours (maybe more!) to de-clutter your home office.

Ask yourself three very important questions before getting started:

  • What is working?
  • What is not working?
  • What type of storage and functional elements are missing?

Once you’ve determined the answers, evaluate your equipment, books, binders, furniture, old technology and other items and sort into piles to be disposed of, donated or recycled. Remove all items that are unnecessary or not used at all.  Remove anything that is not serving you.

Donate unused items to Habitat for Humanity or Free Geek.

2. Get Organized

Make a list of the remaining items that need to be stored neatly. Take a few minutes to figure out what desktop storage organizers are required, and if you need any more storage options added to the space. A nice and easy trick is to get the look of built-in office cabinetry by getting creative with IKEA kitchen components. Another consideration is to use a dining buffet cabinet or a credenza for storage. Once you are armed with a clear plan, start shopping!

Desktop Organizers / Muji

Desktop Organizers / Muji

3. Upgrade your furniture

Finding the perfect desk for your workspace may seem like an end-all task, but in reality it is what could make a world of a difference. First, consider what work is typically done at your desk and what kind of desk seems best suited. These options could include a stand-alone desk, one with a drawer system and/or cable control, or even a sit-stand desk. You should also consider the amount of actual desk space you need for the various work you are doing. Do you work primarily on a desktop computer? A laptop? Do you need space to write or read?

While a desk is number one priority, having other options of where and how to work is also important. The addition of more casual seating in your office such as a comfy sofa or chair can personalize your office and give you other working options other than at a desk.

Jensen Desk / West Elm

4. Invest in a quality desk chair

Having an ergonomic work chair is essential in creating a space that you will want to work in. Being comfortable creates a space where you can focus while you work, improving your productivity. Chairs with adjustability in height, armrests, and back support can fit your unique needs and make your work space that much more personal. And they’re not just functional; choosing the upholstery and finishes on your office chair to coordinate with the rest of your office creates a cohesive space.

Eames Executive Desk Chair / Herman Millar

Eames Executive Desk Chair / Herman Millar

5. Layers of Lighting

Lighting is key to having a successful workspace and also gives you the chance to get creative through layering your lighting. The are many options out there for lighting, including the traditional desktop task lamp, floor lamps, undercabinet lighting, shaded lamps, and many options for overhead lighting. Make sure to select lighting that you are comfortable working under.

In terms of more ambient light, it’s important to shed light onto your entire office space. This can be done through a focal fixture such as a pendant, or more broad lighting through recessed fixtures. Finally, highlighting art, achievements, or other focals that are wall mounted is important, consider wall-mounted lights or spotlighting. On another note, colour temperatures now range widely from cool to warm, so make sure to pick the colour temp that you are happy with and make sure to keep it consistent!

Window treatments are another thing to think about as natural daylight can play a huge role in your workspace. Ways in which you choose to either harvest or shield from sunlight is something to consider. There are many options such as roller shades, roman shades and drapery, all of which have various options in terms of opacity and materiality.

Theorem Aged Brass Desk Lamp / Crate and Barrel

Theorem Aged Brass Desk Lamp / Crate and Barrel

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