Police respond to "500 people fighting in parking lot" — turns out to be Diwali party (VIDEO)

Oct 25 2022, 5:23 pm

In a hilarious turn of events, a massive parking lot “fight” reported to police has turned out to be nothing but a bunch of Ontarians celebrating Diwali.

On Monday night, around 9:40 pm ET, Peel Regional Police received multiple reports about 400-500 people brawling in a parking lot in Mississauga’s Goreway Drive and Etude Drive area.

They responded immediately and even found one person with injuries, who was assessed by local paramedics. But that number is too low for a 500-person fight, wouldn’t you say?

That’s because what police had just tried to raid was a huge Diwali party with fireworks, music, and dancing.

“It’s no fight,” wrote Twitter user Harsh Choudhary, posting a video from the parking lot, where people can be seen dancing, enjoying music, and just having a classic Diwali celebration.

Mississauga laws allow at-home fireworks for Diwali, and you can get a permit if you want to hold a public display. It’s not known whether the partiers had a permit, but given that the nearby police station and fire station did not bother with the parking lot before reports of a fight, it’s likely a permit had already been acquired.

Of course, the racists came out and began to complain about every unrelated thing under the sun, from deportation and immigration laws to Indian students being “scammers.” Typical.

“Deport these students,” said one buzzkill. “Thank your government for allowing them into the country where they can get away with everything,” wrote another.

Well, something smells funny, and shockingly, it’s not the smoke from fireworks. It’s racism.

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