The world's most Canadian deer spotted using crosswalk (VIDEO)

Mar 13 2019, 5:01 pm

Canadians have a reputation as polite, proper people, and it seems that reputation extends beyond just the human species – in this case, to a group of deer, who provided a perfect example recently of how to safely cross a road.

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In a video shared on Instagram by Kyle Berg, a group of deer can be seen lining up and crossing a road, one at a time, at a marked crosswalk Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba.


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And while this is certainly something to see, it’s also not the first sighting of this sort of thing in Canada.

Last year, a video was shared by a Reddit user in Fernie, BC, which showed a group of five law obeying deer prancing down a residential neighbourhood.

The leader of the group stops at an intersection, where a stop sign is located, before safely crossing the road.

So take a tip from these street-smart deer the next time you’re out and about: Using the crosswalk is always the best idea, and don’t forget to look both ways before you cross the street.