7 reasons why Dollarama is a Montrealer's best friend

Jun 16 2016, 4:50 pm

Yesterday, we shared with you some of Montreal’s top retailers that were started right here in our fair city. One of those businesses was the beloved Dollarama.

Whether you’re a broke student or you’ve entered into adulthood, there are just some things you shouldn’t pay more than a $1 for. Luckily, Dollarama is here for you on nearly every street corner of Montreal.

So in celebration of our love for this local gem, we put together seven reasons why Dollarama is a Montrealers best friend!

Because Dollarama will help you get settled in your new Montreal apartment

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In need of house supplies? Dollarama is here for you. Providing the perfect move-in day starter kit, Dollarama offers household goodies including coat hangers, garbage bags, cleaning supplies, mixing bowls, measuring cups, brooms, and even utensils. Yep, they really got it all.

Because Dollarama is at your side when you need to find a costume

Dollarama sells almost everything imaginable. Around Halloween, they will sell actual costumes but during the rest of the year, you may have to do a little bit of DIY work. Lucky for you, Dollarama has a massive arts and crafts aisle.

Because Dollarama will help you celebrate your friend’s birthday

Nothing says happy birthday like a hilarious no-name brand birthday card. Seriously, have you ever taken a look at the cards sold at Dollarama? They are sure to give you a chuckle. In addition to their infamous card selection, Dollarama also sells tissue paper, ribbon, bows, wrapping paper, and gift bags.

Because Dollarama is there for you when you need to make homemade Christmas gifts

Every family has at least one year where they demand that all holiday gifts must be homemade. With aisles and aisles of craft supplies from beads to feathers, you’ll always be able to whip up something as magical as your holiday crafts from kindergarten.

Because movie theatre candies should never cost a fortune

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Paying $6 for a bag of M&M’s at the Scotiabank Theatre? No, thank you. Thankfully Dollarama has brand name sweets at extremely low prices.

Because Dollarama helps you decorate your apartment for the holidays

Dollarama has at least one aisle full of merchandise dedicated to whatever holiday it is. With decorations for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Canada Day, and St. Jean Baptiste Day, you’ll be able to deck out your apartment in the best holiday decor.

Because you are never more than a few blocks from a Dollarama

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If you’re in downtown Montreal, there are Dollarama’s on practically every street corner. And if the Dollarama nearest you doesn’t have what you need, you only need to walk a few short blocks to the next one. Convenience at its finest!

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