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5 things you can do right now to have the bedroom of your dreams

formcollective Feb 13, 2018 5:37 pm 2,846

Your bedroom is one of the easiest spaces to totally make your own. With a few easy additions and adjustments, your bedroom could soon become a sanctuary that you won’t want to leave. All it takes is some organization and commitment to make sure your bedroom is allowing for Insta opportunities every direction you look.

1. Simple bedding

Why not start with the focal point of your room? By choosing neutral bedding, not only does your room look lighter and cleaner, but it allows you to add colour elsewhere and avoid visual clutter. This set from Parachute does just that, and with the addition of bold shams and throw pillows, you’ll have a bed you WANT to make in the morning!

2. Avoid open shelving

We’re all guilty of having that chair; the one that always seems to be overflowing with clothes and whatever else we can possibly pile on top of it. Instead, try eliminating this problem altogether with the addition of storage options that promote organization.

Having the opportunity to put clutter and clothes behind doors can make your room seem much larger. While open shelving may seem like the way to go, most of us can’t keep it looking presentable 24/7. Having your storage in a closet or dresser keeps you more organized and makes your room look like you really have it together. This drawer unit from IKEA can fit into a closet and keep the rest of your room looking spic and span.

3. Make it or break it with lighting

Through the addition of purposeful and well-positioned lighting, your room can be elevated more than you may think. Remember that although the thought of lighting a space may seem intimidating, the addition of bedside lamp(s) and possibly some ambient lighting is all you really need. This side table lamp from West Elm allows for both bedside reading light as well as a overall glow, creating a space your Insta followers will envy.

4. Storage beds

The key to having an Insta opportunity as often as you can starts with the elimination of all clutter. What better way than giving yourself maximum storage options, the most obvious being the ample space under your bed. That being said, not all of us have the luxury of purchasing a brand new bed. Not to worry, these under-bed storage drawers from IKEA will meet all your storage needs and give the appearance of a much more high-end look.

5. Utilize your art

Refreshing your walls through art is an instant pick me up for your room. Even rearranging your artwork can give your bedroom a completely new look. Creating a gallery wall above your bed gives it a central focus and creates the illusion of a grander space. This doesn’t need to break the bank; framing a large print looks expensive and is an easy way to fill up blank space. Ork posters has lots options in the style of maps, giving your room a local touch. 

6. Add personality

Like we said, your room is a reflection of who you are. It’s a place to add little pieces of yourself and create a space you truly want to spend time in. The addition of your favourite plants, cozy throws, well-loved books, or general trinkets makes your room go from a house to a home. This throw from Anthropologie is a fantastic option if you’re looking for the addition of texture and colour. If you’re still in need of some personal items, or things to best display them, check out Orling & Wu for room decor galore.

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