World's deepest pool to open in Poland (PHOTOS)

Apr 5 2019, 1:41 am

While the world’s biggest pool is located in Chile and the world’s highest pool is in Singapore, Poland is about to become the proud owner of the world’s deepest pool. 

The Deepspot Diving Pool will be 148 feet deep and will hold 8,000 cubic meters of water — nearly 30 times as much as a typical Olympic-size swimming pool.

Construction is now underway with Deepspot scheduled to open in fall 2019. Builders will use around 1,100 tons of steel to reinforce the structure, which has been designed to simulate a sinkhole (albeit not quite as big as the Belize Barrier reef’s famous Blue Hole). The pool is located in the city of Mszczonow, fewer than fifty kilometres from Warsaw.

world's deepest pool


This diver’s paradise is advertised as being “ideally suited for the training needs of divers.” Deepspot is meant to accommodate beginners and professionals alike. In addition to the 148-foot plunge, the pool will include features like underwater tunnels and overhangs for training purposes. It provides a controlled alternative to deep-water divers of all skill levels.

Those who don’t dive can teach from the safety of surrounding conference rooms and training suites with viewing windows into the pool’s depths. The setup will offer a unique lesson environment and conference space for the global diving community.

Non-divers will have access to an underwater spectator tunnel where they can get a feel for the pool before deciding to take the plunge. However, the deepest parts of the pool will be encased in a cylinder and remain out of sight.

A long day of diving will require some rest. Luckily, Deepspot will also have a hotel on site. Rooms will have “a view coming out on [the] diving pool’s interior.” It just might compete with the world’s first underwater hotel in the Maldives and Europe’s new underwater restaurant, aptly named Under.

world's deepest pool


Once open, Y-40’s The Deep Joy in Italy (138 feet) will get knocked down to second place. However, Deepspot may not enjoy its claim to fame as the world’s deepest pool for long. Plans for an even deeper one are being drawn up in the UK.

Colchester’s Blue Abyss, to be completed in 2020, will be 164 feet deep. If all goes accordingly, it will win by a margin of 16 feet. Managing Director John Vickers said it is “more than just a super-sized pool.” It will also operate as a “commercial astronaut training center… and a human performance center helping people reach the peak of their physical capabilities.”

So if you want to explore the world’s deepest pools, you’ve still got plenty of time to book your flights to Europe.

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