Explore the life of Princess Diana with this virtual museum

Apr 21 2020, 7:23 pm

Marvel at the world’s most extensive collection of personal items of Princess Diana currently on display through this one-of-a-kind online museum.

The Princess Diana Museum contains more than 1,700 “carefully curated iconic, personal, and historical artifacts spanning Diana’s lifetime through her tragic death,” an official press release explains.


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The Princess Diana virtual museum is a joint initiative with The Princess & The Playtpus Foundation. This public charity fundraises to acquire, loan, preserve, and display historical and cultural items relating to Princess Diana.

It also serves to support other charities created in her honour.

The virtual museum is an interactive 3D layout that displays various items depicting her life.

Users can navigate the display with a location map as well as with the assistance of virtual avatars that will guide them through the virtual museum. There are two language options, English and Spanish.


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There will also be a community chat and video feature that will allow users to share experiences in realtime.

Additionally, users can watch more than 40 exclusive interviews with friends, artists, designers, and close collaborators to Princess Diana to provide a more authentic and unique insight into her life.

“With the sudden rise of COVID-19 virus forcing us to practice ‘social distancing,’ we are making access to Princess Diana’s Museum completely free for one month,” Renae Plant and Livinio Stucyck, founders at The Princess & The Platypus Foundation said in the release.

“This will not only help take people’s minds off of all the bad news out there but it will help them connect with each other since users can interact in the museum environment and give back in Diana’s honor.”


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For free access to the virtual Princess Diana Museum, email [email protected] with the subject line “Queen of Hearts” to receive a free 30-day unlimited access link.

The offer is valid until Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 10, 2020.

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