Canadian company to design $6.5 billion "moon resort" for Dubai (RENDERINGS)

Sep 12 2022, 7:51 pm

Dubai is known for its luxurious, extravagant, and massive architectural projects, and the latest one to shock the world is a “moon resort.”

Vancouver-based architecture and design company Moon World Resorts Inc. is working on a luxurious and expensive building proposal.

It’s estimated to cost US$5 billion — that’s a hefty $6.5 billion in Canadian money!

Dubai news outlet Khaleej Times reports that the resort, called MOON, is expected to tower over 200 metres. The diameter of the huge celestial building will span around 198 metres.

With 4,000 luxury resort suites, the moon resort is expected to rake in US$1.8 billion per year in revenue and 10 million guests annually, if approved.

The company behind the project also vaguely boasts that each unit will contain “windows to the universe.” We’re not entirely sure what this means, but they say these windows will “provide guests with the ability to visualize anything and anywhere their thoughts may wish to take them.”

At least 144 private residences will also be available for sale. Those who buy them will enter a special privilege club.

The renderings look absolutely otherworldly.

Here, the spherical building can be seen in Dubai’s upscale and exclusive Palm Jumeirah area.

A smooth jazz piano lounge is part of the design as well.

As is a humongous convention centre.

And a futuristic spa and wellness centre that looks quite green and serene in the renderings.

Of course, there’s a nightclub to celebrate the high Dubai nightlife. It will be built to look like an alien spaceship.

Moon World Resorts Inc. says that there are four MOON resorts in the pipeline, and they will be developed across North America, MENA, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

In a comment on Instagram, Moon World Resorts Inc. said that project is expected to reach completion by 2026-27, if construction begins this year.
What do you think? Is the resort a place you’d like to visit or is it an unnecessary show of wealth?
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