Calgarians are obsessed with this new sushi buffet restaurant

Aug 23 2016, 3:53 pm

If you were ever accused of having eyes bigger than your stomach, the spread at Calgary’s newest sushi-centric buffet restaurant is sure to test your eating limits. A+ Buffet Sushi Bar has just been open a few weeks and locals are pretty smitten.

With self-serve tables loaded with Asian and Asian fusion fare, including ample and limitless sushi, and, at dinnertime, sashimi, the restaurant is certainly an affordable way to achieve gut busting status: Lunches start at $19.99, with peak dinner days costing $36.99 (but include more options than lunch, like the aforementioned sashimi).

Penny savers will further appreciate their early bird specials and other age-based discounts. Bonus: They do take-out and delivery.

Those who have put their pants through their paces at this new spot are pretty deep in love. “Best. Restaurant. Ever.” declares one devoted Instagrammer.

Speaking of testing limits…sure, you can order 100 pieces of sushi for you and your friends:

Or go hard at dinner on sashimi:

The space seats about 300, and some of the over-the-top food displays are fun for the eyes (Mango Tower, we’re peeping you!). Check out a few more images, and then start doing your stomach stretches.

A+ Buffet Sushi & Bar/Facebook

A+ Buffet Sushi Bar

Address: 6715 Macleod Trail SE
Phone: 403-455-9766

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