What you need to know about Canada's other national holiday

May 8 2018, 5:13 pm

If you’re a Caesar lover, mark May 17 off on your calendar, because that is officially the day to celebrate Canada’s cocktail this year. That’s right National Caesar Day is a thing.

Created in 1969 in Calgary, these signature drinks can be made extra spicy, extra dirty, extra meaty, and just plain over the top.

It’s a marker of the kick-off of the May Long Weekend every year, and it’s a day us Caesar lovers look forward to all year long (although that doesn’t stop us from crunching a Caesar or two during brunch all year-round).

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In its basic form, this beverage is made with vodka, a caesar mix, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and it’s poured into a salt-rimmed glass. Topped with celery, lime, a Crazy Bean, or most commonly, a burger, hotdog, roast chicken (or all of the above), this drink never ceases to be a popular sipper for folks across the nation.

So be sure to make arrangments for the 17th and plan where you’ll be enjoying this iconic beverage.