Lululemon unveils extensive lineup of SeaWheeze 2020 events and apparel

Aug 7 2020, 9:03 pm

SeaWheeze 2020, Lululemon’s ultra-popular half-marathon and 10-kilometre race, is just a week away.

The race takes place between August 15 and 23. This year, the event has gone virtual, expanding to more participants around the globe than ever. In previous years, the race has been held in Vancouver and due to its incredible demand, requires a lottery to select participants.

This year’s race can be done indoors or outdoors, so long as runners participate safely and follow local guidelines on physical distancing.

Programs for runners around the world

Lululemon has revealed an extensive lineup of virtual programming that takes place over the nine-day event, including yoga, guided goal setting, and some fantastic playlists. And while some programs are exclusive to those registered for SeaWheeze 2020, there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed by Lululemon fans across the globe.

Some events delve into the psychology and mental benefits of running and other forms of activity, such as “Purpose, Vision & Goals” which focuses on translating vision into goals. Similarly, another program called “Purposeful Run” looks at how mindfulness and meditation can be connected to support not just running, but other facets of everyday life.

There are also plenty of opportunities for participants to learn from competitive runners, picking up race day tips and running tricks along the way.

And of course, many of the events will explore the physical side of running, ensuring that a person’s body will be properly prepared and recovered for any activity that comes their way.

From August 14 to 23, Lululemon fans can take advantage of guided pre-run activation and yoga, strength and mobility workshops, and post-run yoga and recovery, all of which will be made available for free on the company’s social media channels.

Lululemon’s limited edition SeaWheeze collection

For the first time ever, the company will be making its annual line of SeaWheeze apparel available for sale online. The limited-edition collection has only ever been offered to participants at the physical event and often draws massive lineups upon release.

lululemon seawheeze


The collection includes some of Lululemon’s most popular high-performance running apparel and redecorates it.





Expect vibrant prints, patterns, and colours that are distinct from anything offered in their main line of products and uniquely SeaWheeze.

lulemon seawheeze


This year’s SeaWheeze product collection will be made available online as of August 11, 2020, in both men and women’s sizing.

Registration for SeaWheeze 2020 is open from now until August 23 and can be done online.

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