“Better Call Saul” fans, get ready for Bob Odenkirk's new show — it's filmed in Canada (TRAILER)

Jan 30 2023, 10:09 pm

There are few TV show fandoms as dedicated as that of Better Call Saul. The show, starring Bob Odenkirk, premiered in 2015 as a spinoff of the much-loved Netflix series Breaking Bad.

Now, we’ll see Odenkirk again in yet another show he’s co-producing, and by the looks of its trailer, it’ll be a binge-worthy watch.

Filmed in Vancouver, BC, Lucky Hank revolves around the work-life college chairman Henry Devereaux Jr. aka Hank (Odenkirk) — who describes himself as a “difficult man” in the trailer — and his wife, Lily Devereaux (Mirielle Enosa).

The first season is currently in production and slated to premiere in March. It will comprise eight episodes. Canadian actor and composer Lilah Fitzgerald will make an appearance in the pilot.

Of course, the news has Better Call Saul devotees in a chokehold. Many are placing all bets on Lucky Hank.

Like its predecessors, Lucky Hank will be a thrilling drama sprinkled with comedy — a combination of genres known to fit into Odenkirk’s wheelhouse.

The 60-year-old actor’s appearance in the show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen him play before, too.

Hank’s character is much older, with salt and pepper hair and glasses — a departure from Saul’s sketchy-lawyer-in-a-business-suit shtick.

“Well, this fellow doesn’t seem ‘lucky’ at all,” Odenkirk said of Hank in a tweet.

Mark your calendars to see how lucky Hank really is. The show premieres on March 19.

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