6 awesome Calgary doughnut shops you need to try

May 30 2019, 4:50 pm

Doughnuts are one of Calgary’s favourite treats.

And with so many awesome local makers of our favourite round doughy treats, how could they not be?

If you want to cram your doughnut hole with these doughy, deep-fried, filled, sprinkled, and sugary treats, here are some must-try doughnut shops in Calgary.

Jelly Modern Doughnuts

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Jelly Modern offers artisan dipped and filled doughnuts to patrons which come in some seriously sophisticated flavours. Head to one of its locations and grab yourself a treat like a peanut butter cup, which is dipped in chocolate ganache, filled with peanut cream, and topped with some salted peanuts.

Address: 100 1414 8 Street SW
Phone: 403-453-2053

Address: 111-5 Avenue SW

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Pretty Sweet YYC

This made-to-order doughnut maker has a minimum one dozen order size, but you can get them in full, medium, or mini size. Pretty Sweet makes their glorious doughnuts in a wide range of flavours like vanilla bean, raspberry, cinnamon toast crunch, bubblegum, champagne, and so much more. You might luck out and find this shop at some YYC events throughout the year.

Address: 536 42 Avenue SE

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Mountain Rhino Doughnuts

With no brick and mortar space, Mountain Rhino is an order only joint that specializes in gluten-free doughnuts. They make their doughnuts using a special house-blend gluten-free flour. You can order a dozen in assorted or you can pick your flavours which change weekly. Past flavours include chocolate ganache, white chocolate blueberry, and salted caramel. Find these treat at one of their several wholesale locations.

Phone: 403-922-1324

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ReGrub isn’t your typical doughnut shop, in fact, it’s actually hailed as a burger and shake joint but the jewel of their milkshakes are the delicious doughnuts adorning the top. Try the Donut Coocoo, which is a shake which is a shake topped with two full doughnuts and two mini ones.

Address: Deerfoot City Mall – 901 64 Ave NE

Address: 625 11th Avenue SW
Phone: 403-475-2845

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Glamorgan Bakery

This bakery has been around for more than 40 years and has been serving up doughnuts before they became so trendy. You’ll find a delicious assortment of these guys here including jellies, long johns, massive Texas doughnuts, and everyone’s favourite, doughnut holes.

Address: 19-3919 Richmond Road SW
Phone: 403-242-2800

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Hoopla Donuts


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Brought to us by the folks from Phil and Sebastian, this awesome 248, 414 – 3 Street SW shop serves as a Hoopla Donuts and Phil & Sebastian dual shop making all the best varieties.

Address: 248, 414 – 3 Street SW


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